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What is a wiki?
A wiki is a collaborative space for many authors to create web content that can be posted, edited, update or reorganized in one area. Additionally, authors who contribute to the wiki can utilize online discussion tools related to the web content within the wiki itself. Wiki authors can use the editing toolbar to format content, add files, images, links, and multimedia to a wiki page. The changes that are made by the wiki author are recorded to a history tab with a date/time and if enabled a notification can be sent to all authors informing them that changes have been made to the wiki page.

Wikis are great for:
  • Creating a website
  • Group projects
  • Project development
  • Resource sites
  • Course sites
  • Study groups
  • Distributing information

Want to learn more about wikis? See the Instructional Development Resource site at

If you have any questions about using or accessing a wiki you can them to wikihelp@umassd.edu.