UMassD Wikispaces Service Decommissioned on August 26, 2018

Feb 14, 2018
ATTENTION: Wikispaces has notified our campus their service is being discontinued.

UMassD will continue to have Wikispaces service active until the end date of our subscription, August 26, 2018.

Further information is available at the Home page

Signing into Wikispaces

This wiki service is provided to UMass Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students for instructional and collaboration purposes.

1. Click on the Sign In link in the top right hand corner to get started.

2. Enter your UMassD Log-on (email username and password).

3. Click on your username in the upper right-hand corner to go to your dashboard.

Joining a Wiki by Invitation

1. Check your UMassD email account for your wiki invitation.

2. Click on the link within the invitation.

3.Sign in with your UmassD Logon (email username and password).

Creating a Wiki

1. Sign-in with you UMassD Log-on (email username and password).

2. From your dashboard, click on the Create a new wiki now link under Favorite Wikis, or the Make a new wiki link in the upper left-hand corner.
3. Enter your Wiki Name for the URL and select which Wiki Permissions you want to allow.


4. Click Create.

5. A window will appear to help you get started with your new wiki.

Adding Your User Image

1. From the dashboard, click on your Username.

2. Under the Your Account heading, click on the Settings link.


3. Click on Change picture to locate and select an image.


4. Click Choose File

5. Browse for file, select it and pick Open.

6. Select Crop Image to change the size or shape of your image, then use the select tool to choose the area you want to keep.
Otherwise select Continue Without Crop.

7. Next, view the normal and thumbnail versions of your profile picture. If they are satisfactory, pick Save.


8. Your new profile picture should not be visible.

Adding a Page

1. From the Actions toolbar, click on the (+) sign next to Pages and Files.


2. Fill out the Page Name field, and add any tags you would like to make the page searchable by, then select Create.


3. You are able to insert images, video, etc., from the Editor Toolbar.


Editing a Page

1. Go to the page you would like to edit.


2. Click on the Edit icon.


3. The Editor Toolbar will appear.


4. You will now be able to make changes to your page.

Navigating the Editor Toolbar

Here is a break-down of the editor icons and what they do:

B.pngBold icon changes text to bold.
thingy.pngHorizontal Rule allows you to insert a horizontal line break.
I.pngItalics icon changes text to italics.
link.pngInsert Link allows you to add links to other wiki pages or to external web pages.
u.pngUnderline icon underlines text.
file.pngInsert Images and Files.
t.pngColor and Style icon allows you to change the basic and advanced text options.
widget.pngEmbed Widget allows you to insert video, calendars, audio, RSS feeds, etc., into your page.
normal.pngHeading menu allows you to change the text headings.
table.pngInsert Table.
1223.pngOrdered List (numbered).
comment.pngInsert Comment allows you to add a comment to the page
.....pngUnordered List (bulleted).

Adding Images and Files to a Page

1. While editing or creating a new page, you can add images or files from the Editor Toolbar by clicking on the Insert Images and Files icon.


2. In the Images & Files window, select an image from the uploaded library, or select Upload Files.


A. To upload a file, click on the Upload Files browse for your image or file. Once you have located your image or file, click Open. When the icon for your file/image appears, double-click to insert it into the page.

B. To load an external image, click on the External Image tab and insert the image address into the text box. Click Load and double-click the image icon to insert in into the page.

Once your File is uploaded, click on it and the file or image will be inserted into your page.


3. When your image has been placed on your page, an Image Properties toolbar will appear. This toolbar allows you to align, size, add a link, or add a caption to your image. If you added a file, the Image Properties window will not appear, and a link to the file will be placed in the page.


Linking on a Page

1. To add a link to your page, select a place on the page for the link and the click on the Link icon in the Editor Toolbar.

2. In the Insert Link window, choose which link type you would like (Wiki Link, or External Link).
(Note: A Wiki Link is a link to another page withing your wiki. An External Link is a link to a site outside your wiki.)

(To add an External Link, go to Step 6.)

3. For a Wiki Link, type in the link text (text you want your link to appear as) and select the page name from the drop-down menu for your link.


Click Add Link when you are finished.

5. Your link will appear on the page.


6. For an External Link, click on the Web Address or Email Address tab and type in the link text and web or email address.

7. Click Add Link when you are finished.

8. Your link will appear on the page with a green arrow, identifying it as external.

Removing a Link

1. To remove a link, click on the Edit button for the specified page.

2. Select the link text that you want to remove.

3. Click on the Remove Link icon on the Editor Toolbar.


4. Delete the link text once the link has been removed.

Embedding Widgets in a Page

1. To add a widget to your page, click on the Embed Widget icon in the Editor Toolbar.


2. Click on the widget you want to add to your page.


Here are some examples:

Selecting a Video

1. Click on the Video widget.

2. Click on the video type you would like to embed.


3. Go to the video hosting website and copy the embed code.

4. Paste the code into the text box in the widget window. Click Preview to see how the video will appear.


5. Click Save.

Selecting a Calendar

1. Click on the Calendar widget.

2. Click on the type of calendar you would like to embed.


3. The site will open in a new window to allow you to follow along with the directions in the widget window.

Example from Google Calendar

Deleting a Page

1. Click on the Manage Wikis in the Actions sidebar.


2. Under Content, click on Pages.


3. Click on your page's corresponding Toolbar check box next to page to be deleted.


4. Click Delete.

Inviting Users

1. Click on the (+) next to Members in the Actions sidebar.


2. Under Send To, type in the email(s) or wiki username(s) of the person or people you want to invite. You can also type your own invite message or use the default.

4. Click Send.

5. Your invitation will appear under Pending Membership Requests.

Creating Projects

1. Click on Projects, in the Actions bar.


2. Select the Create Project button.


3. Fill out information fields pertaining to project name, create teams, and who has access to this projects by team. when complete select Create.


4. Select Create